My blog posts are basically all my life rants.

Kidding. If you’re a teen who’s basically tired of living life, you found your partner (because I am) and you’ve sort of came to the right website. My blog posts are about:
1. my travel diaries,
2. writing tips and lessons,
3. Science summaries,
4. Christian devotions
5. my thoughts and health precautions like scoliosis

Go ahead and click the “WRITER’S PAGE” tab if you want to jump in the discussions about writing.

Who knew studying could be made more efficient? Are you bored with your textbooks? Stay tuned with this website, because it’s open for Science discussions and summaries!


Person Behind the Blog

You must have had some petty curiosity there to click the “PERSON BEHIND THE BLOG” tab.

Just kidding. Humans are curious about lots of stuff.

So, you might want to know my name. You can call me Hannah or Biya, whatever suits your pleasure. I’m learning to be a proud Indonesian because apparently I’m not that proud about my country (nationalism challenges, but me stating my nationality here is a big step for me). I’m young–fifteen–and I’m currently enjoying my young years because time doesn’t rewind. I have this loving obsession with the sound of the cello, and I myself play the cello. I have this cool metal implant on my back due to scoliosis. I am pretty much smart and pretty confident of myself (wow so not important information).

I’m a Christian. 😉

“A little Science estranges man from God, but much Science leads them back to Him.”

-Louis Pasteur

Science Kid

(Photo from: chemistry.about.com)

I know what you’re thinking about. You’re probably not the “Science Kid”, nor do you watch “Sid the Science Kid” (my little cousin watches that–and no, I am not old. I’m 14), but the kid who is looking for explanations on Science because you didn’t understand anything/limited things in class. Well, you know what, you’re on the right page! Check my up-coming summaries on topics you might be looking for up on my blog tab. If you don’t find your wanted topic, send me a comment below and I’ll cover that topic for ya. Never give up on Science, because involving is understanding!

proton ss

“His people are made partakers of divine nature.”

-Michael Faraday



(edition: Steven Lawson) [NOVEMBER 30TH, TWENTY SEVENTEEN] It’s 2017, which means it’s 500 years after Martin Luther nailed 95 theses of our reformed faith to the door of Wittenberg Church, Germany. 500 years ago, it was in Germany. 500 years later, it’s here where I was born and bred: Jakarta, Indonesia! Under Stephen Tong Ministries …


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